Sunday, February 10, 2008

On Pins, Off Needles

Falling Leaves
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Here's a favorite from Scarf Style. I've blocked it since, and the little leaves march in a much more orderly way now.

I'm going to use this pattern for teaching this spring, and encourage folks to buy this fantastic book and knit a different scarf from it each term through the year.

Four days and counting till Madrona and I'm desparately trying to finish my version of Oblique. I think it's actually going to fit!! Imagine that. I have all the knitting done, two sides and one arm to seam, and ends to weave. I'm still in the tunnel, but the light at the end is getting very bright.


Blogger Allison said...

That is my absolute favorite knitting book! I made the lady elanor for my mom and I've been wanting to make the backyard leaves scarf and many more! Also love your "hat to be" in the post below. I look at it and see a really cool felted bag . . . Have fun at Madronna - Stitches West is in just over a week - I can't wait for that!

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