Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hat To Be
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Looks Like Crochet...
But it's not!! It's a slip stitch pattern I'm working out for an upcoming class at The Naked Sheep.

Is it too dizzy? I sort of like it.

I'm back in the computer groove, baby, thanks to Ravelry! Wow. WHAT a resource. I will get a bug on my blog soon to pay homage. I have reconnected with long lost knitters both here in Portland and out in cyberland. There aren't enough hours in the day...

My son Zack is home from school with Pink Eye. This means he's well, but can't go to school because he could make everyone else sick. That, coupled with the fact that I've only just discovered Ravelry, means that I'm not a very creative mom for him while he's out of school. "Sure! You can play the Wii for another hour!!". Building those critical thinking skills, right? (?)

The mere mention of pink eye makes my skin crawl. I haven't been in proximity to a case since college. Really it's just a cold in your eyes, but it looks pretty gross and it's soooo contagious. Of course my doom-and-gloom scenario is that I'll be infected just in time to go to Madrona next week. I better go wash my hands. Again.


Blogger aimee noel said...

My nephew had pink eye a few weeks ago and it just made my eyes itch thinking about it! I washed my hands so many times, and I didn't even touch him... I've never had it and it just creeps me out. My junior prom date had it for the prom, charming, I know.

I'll have to find you on ravelry

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