Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spinemann Yarn
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Drumroll please... it's a

Hey all you brainy, tech-inclined artistes out there in cyberland. I need your help! I mentioned last week that I write patterns and my homemade logo is ... well... homemade. It looks like this:

So, I'm giving away some of my friend Bob's beautiful hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn to the lucky person who can come up with a new logo idea I can use proudly.

In my ideal world, the winner of the contest would provide:

1. Art that is simple and linear, and one color.
2. Art that doesn't undermine the name "Bipurler Disorder," which I think is catchy enough on its own
3. A scalable, high-resolution eps file so I could use it on business cards and patterns and other papery stuff.

I was thinking about some sort of head, lobotomized, with a semi-unraveled ball of yarn coming out the top where a brain would be. The expression on the face might be deliriously happy. This is just an idea.

Now, more about the yarn:
The yarn is even more gorgeous in person. the rainbow one is a single-ply bulky and the greenish one is a six-ply sport weight. Both skeins are 100 percent wool.

This is very special stuff. Bob only sells it in three shops in Portland. If you like one or the other best, I could easily arrange to get you two of the same.

The fabulous Yarn Harlot gave me the idea for the contest when I met her at Madrona last month. Thank you, Stephanie! Hope this works!

We'll let this roll for a month and see what happens. I'll announce the winner on March 15. Thanks ahead of time for all your creative efforts!


Blogger Sheila said...

Good luck with your logo contest. I am of no help. My drawing skills are so-so.

10:42 PM  
Blogger B said...

Oh - fun. Knitting and logos - 2 of my favorite things. Now, if I can just find some time. Best print out a picture of that there yarn to inspire :)

3:10 PM  
Blogger Loren said...

That wool is stunning! There's nothing better than knitting with a nice, solid wool in a fabulous color!

7:25 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

I've got another idea for you for a knitting class. I just bought a cotton sweater from Eddie Bauer and I really like it and would like to try to make a pattern from it. You could host a class on pattern creation from a commercially made product. I'm game. Others too?

4:53 PM  

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