Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Attention! Deficit

Hoodie for Zack
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Zack is growing. This hoodie is not. I best get on that. Two more inches on the hood, a front pocket, coupla buttons on the placket and sew it up. That's all I have to do. But it has been sitting like this for two weeks. What is my dysfunction?

Is it ADD? Fear of failure? Fear of succes? Boredom? The masochistic need to have unfinished business constantly hanging over my head? Does this explain why I leave at least one dirty dish in the sink overnight?

I need... positively NEED to have at least a dozen projects on needles at once.

Last June I started casting on Christmas presents. I worked in a spiral, doing little bits of this and that, making progress on everything. Then in the weeks following Thanksgiving, I buckled down and finished them all. One after another these fiber-based extensions of my being were bound off, sewn up, packed in brown boxes and shipped out the door.

And I missed them. I got a little depressed. After that I didn't want to knit at all. I got a little queasy every time I picked up a the needles. THAT sure freaked me out. Thankfully it only lasted about 10 days (and 3 hours and 27 minutes.).

Then I started casting on again. And again. And again. Here's a list of the unfinished projects I've actually laid hands on in the past month:

1. This hoodie
2. The sweater I wrote about a couple of days ago,
3. A pair of Sock Candy socks.
4. A slip stitch hat (well, that fell OFF the needles today in my purse.)
5. A fingerless glove
6. Another pair of socks (Raindrop Lace by Fiber Trends)
7. A Darth Vader sweater for Zack (wait till you SEE it!)
8. A "Vintage Velvet" scarf
9. A Clapotis shawl for the school auction
10. A pair of felted slippers for Zack
11. A Debbie Bliss gansey for Zack

You'll notice many of these things are for Zack, who is four. That means he grows an inch about every 17 minutes. The clock is ticking. And I have oh so many ideas....

Anybody want to go yarn shopping?


Blogger Allison said...

Will you adopt me? I'd like to see a "cool sweater for Allison" on that list! Don't worry - I once read that if you can count how many items you have on the needles you don't have enough!

5:13 PM  

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