Friday, February 09, 2007

Candy Everybody Wants

Sock Candy Socks
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This yarn is glorious.

I'm just coming around to the quiet majesty of socks. I'm new enough at knitting to want to try everything. I think I have tried most of the major techniques once (except steeking. Makes my blood run cold.). Now I'm coming back to techniques with the highest Zen-per-stitch quotient for me.

I picked up this yarn at the Blue Moon booth at Madrona. I was in love with the green/blue/brown one, but there was only one skein. It would barely cover the toes of my size 11 feet. (My mom used to say I should just wear the boxes.)

So, I picked up one more skiein that seemd radically different. Originally I was going to try a little Fair Isle improv, but when I wound the skeins they didn't seem different enough, somehow, to make it worth the effort. So it's stockinette... alternating two rounds of one with two rounds of the other.

The result is positively iridescent, and the emerging fabric is SOOO soft. My feet are crying out for these. I envision large sums of money flowing from my bank account to this company. I didn't sign up for the Socks that Rock sock club and now I regret it. I'm saving my pennies for next year!

Speaking of iridescent yarn, wait till you see my friend Bob's wonderful handspun, hand-dyed! I'm going to auction it off to the most creative bidder right here at this blog next week. The price: one winning logo suggestion for "Bipurler Disorder." I write patterns and sell them around Portland, but I'd like a snappier look than I have. Stay tuned. More on that next week.


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Those socks are looking wonderful. I love the colors together.

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