Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet me in the middle

Philosopher's Wool kit
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This is one of about six sweaters I have "in process." They draw me in with their allure of learning a new technique, or puzzling through a complicated pattern or structure. Somewhere between 30 and 80 percent of the way through I get bored and the unfinished sweater ends up like Woody from Toy Story, shoved in a cubby and replaced by some bright shiny new thing.

This project is a perfect example. It's a kit I bought at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival last February, made by the super cool folks from Philosopher's Wool. The wool has that wonderful scratchy, oily quality I love. Occasionally you have to pick bits of hay out of it. It practically cries "baa!"

The construction is crazy -- two pieces, each starting at the cuff. You knit the arm in the round, then cast on a mess of stitches at both sides the armpit, and then immediately join them together and knit the front and back simultaneously as one back and forth panel. It's weird and the directions are vague. But that makes it more fun, right?

Anyway I've realized that maybe the reason I don't finish sweaters is because there was no reason to wear them in Portland. It didn't get cold enough. Now that I'm in Jackson Hole I'm in a race with mother nature to get those babies finished. Already we're waking up to hard frosts and temps in the 20s. This one will be great for walking Zack to the bus stop. Hoping I have enough left over for a hat to match.


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