Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the Record

The weather here sucks. It is the middle of April, and our weather is bad for February. Last weekend forecasters predicted snow. Two weeks before that it did snow, and THAT was the latest snow on record here. What's going on?! Chicago has the Lake Effect. In Portland, we have the Gore effect. So many people here are so concerned about the environment, that Mother Nature decided to open up a can of whoopass on us all winter and spring, hoping we'll tell the world she means business about this Global Warming thing. Somebody should tell her to go rain on China. Give me a little sun.

Yarn Harlot came to town last night. She's always a gas. Have to say tho, the crowd scared me just a little bit. The fringes of the knitting culture are approaching Star-Con fanaticism. If this guy was a knitter, he would have been at the Harlot's talk last night. Some lady got up and sang a song she wrote for Stephanie. Somewhere in the third verse (!) I think I heard a rhyme for the word "gusset."

I would post a picture, but I haven't taken any. Because there's no SUN! Can you tell I'm bitter?


Anonymous marilyn said...

No kidding! We are getting the raw end of the Global Warming deal!!!

I SO SO agree about the oddness of the Yarn Harlot crowd. Last year I was there and was somewhat embarrassed by a couple of the people; true oddballs. One lady had the weirdest knitted thing on her head I have ever seen -- like purple snakes or something. Just because you CAN knit it does not mean you should! But hey, it takes all types, I guess. (:

(You met me at the Zoomcare Christmas party at David's house, by the way. I'm the knitting internist with 3 toddlers, married to the guy who does the computer work for Zoomcare. I have yet to find time to set up my own blog... Anyway, hope you are well. Still like you blog title!)

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

I didn't even drag Adam to see Stephanie in Seattle. I knew it would be way to much for him and a bit to much for me. Love that women but it's so overwelming. A SONG???

10:46 AM  

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