Friday, September 08, 2006

e-Bartlett or Bust

I Gansey Clearly Now
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I was all set to write about how my great friend Laura had spotted some Bartlett on e-Bay in the exact color I need to finish this Gansey. Dyelot be damned, I placed my bid. It went unchallenged for two days and I figured I was home free. Then... whammo. Two more bids. Grrr. May the knitting Gods poke those other bidders with sharp pointy sticks.

So, I suppose I'll just order some from the factory and hope it gets here in the next millenium. In the meantime I have WAYYYYY too many projects on needles. So many that I'm running out of needles, in fact. Here's a list of the ones with pressing deadlines:

1. Oregon Vest - needs a zipper pronto -- for shop
2. Baby sweater - for friend about to pop
3. Cardigan for Dad's 75th birthday - need by Thanksgiving
4. Big Red Gansey - need by Christmas
5. Little white Gansey Hoodie - need by Christmas
6. Fair Isle Insanity Stocking Cap - need by Christmas
7. Entrelac scarf - need by Christmas
8. Baby sweater #2 - for friend who is popping in a few weeks

And the ones in the queue that aren't on the needles yet:
9. Touch me scarf - needed by Christmas
10. Noro Kuryeon Tea Cozy from Knitty - needed by Christmas
11. Mosaic Mittens for Winter shop class

Plus I still have another sweater meant for the daughter of my Philly friends who told me about the Bartlett. It just needs buttons. I have the buttons, I just hate to sew. She's probably grown out of it by now. I'm such a delinquent.

And finally, some lacy Kitchen curtains for ME. I think the sun's going be in my eyes in there for awhile.


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