Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Debbie Bliss Hoodie
Originally uploaded by littlekidd.
I have been knitting. Lots and lots. This is a hoodie in progress for Zack. Yes, I know it is off white. Yes I know it's for a four-year-old boy who considers yellow mustard one of the five basic food groups. It's okay though. The chest measurements in Debbie Bliss patterns are so huge that this won't fit him until he's at least 16. (37" for a 5 year old's chest?! Are you kidding me?) By then he'll probably realize that mustard as a fashion accessory won't impress the girls. And beer washes out.

I would post other pics, but I'm already on to Christmas presents. Maybe I'll put a pic of my dad's sweater up sometime soon. He never surfs the Web anyway.


Anonymous Stephanie said...

That gansey is inspiring.

8:51 PM  

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