Friday, August 18, 2006

A Pleasant Diversion

View from Neakhanie
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Here is a little eye candy, compliments of Mother Nature and the Oregon Coast. This is the view from about halfway up Neakhanie Mountain, a little south of Cannon Beach. Just looking at it helps me to slow my breathing, which is a good thing today. (Jim, don't read any further! Christmas intelligence will be compromised.)

I'm hyperventillating because I've just discovered that I'm not going to have enough yarn for mu ultra top secret (well I haven't been knitting it right under his nose, anyway -- except that one time) big red gansey for Jim. I have one skein left -- about 210 yards -- and one sleeve to go. There's no way.

I wrote to Bartlett. They don't have any more in the dyelot. Mabel's is the only LYS out of the 20 we have in Portland that carries it, and they're out! Please pray to the Dyelot Gods that I can get away with cuffs and a neckband in this year's run of the color. It's Bartlety 2-ply, "Mountain Berry," lot 824, in case you happen to be the only person on earth who has some, and by some even more microscopically small chance happen to be reading this.

I'm just kicking myself. I swear I bought at least a skein MORE than the pattern called for -- and then went and got an extra skein just in case! Do moths eat entire skeins at at time in the dead of night, leaving other nearby skeins untouched?

Maybe I hid it. Maybe I'll go have a look in the piano.


Blogger aimee noel said...

I love the Oregon coast. Thanks for the picture.

I did the buy and extra skein thing for a project and ended up having to buy more... then I found the extra one months later... doh! I hope you find your yarn. Have you tried posting the the portland SNB yahoo group?? Sometimes that helps.

1:06 PM  

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