Friday, September 01, 2006

Gansey Sick

Poorly Armed
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Jim -- Avert your eyes! (I know Jim gets this blog as an RSS feed without pictures, so I'm SURE he won't peek. Right, Jim?)

Here's the "Old Way" Gansey I've been working on for Jim's Christmas present. I started early this year, since the last sweater took three Christmases to complete. This one was ticking along beautifully, until...

Look closely. The yarn you see is the yarn I have left to complete the sweater. If you could see my husband one of the things you might notice about him is that he has two arms. This sweater has only one so far. I bought the amount the pattern suggested, and maybe a skein more... and I came up short.

It's Bartlett 2-ply, Rangely "Mountain Berry," dyelot #824. Based on an exhaustive search, I have concluded that here is no more of this yarn in this dyelot in the known universe. I'm sure the stress of knowing this is making me knit that second sleeve more tightly, which will use up the little yarn I have left even sooner than I'd like. Grrrr.

I know this is a crappy picture. Though you can't see it here, the stitches are pretty and the yarn is great for ganseys. Yes, this sweater is huge on purpose. It will be "fulled" (aka lightly felted) when it's done... a reasonably terrifying thing to do on purpose to a handknit sweater. I hope I'm doing it right -- I matched the "before fulling" measurements in the pattern (from Interweave Knits Winter 2004) but then I also bought the amount of yarn the pattern told me to, and we all know how well that worked out. Stay tuned.


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