Thursday, September 07, 2006

Doggone Funny

What is she thinking?
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So, the Yarn Harlot gave a fantastic talk in Portland tonight. I don't know how many people were there, but it was WAY more than the bookstore planned on having, and they (the bookstore people) seemed a little put out by the end. They should learn to knit. It might help them relax.

Anyway, we all busted a gut about 700 times listening to Stephanie talk about nothing and everything. She's like the Seinfeld of knitting. One hilarious bit talked about bloggers posing knitting in silly places for photos.

Here's one such ridiculous attempt. "Still Life With Labrador and Cascade Fixation." This is my beautiful dog, Emma, lying on a couch that used to be beautiful too, until she decided to make it her daybed. You can tell from this picture that Emma thinks I'm an idiot.

I'm sure I chose Emma for this picture because at the time my yard was the blight of the block. We've since had it relandscaped, so maybe I'll try a couple of nature shots... inspired by the Harlot... and see if I can prompt an of my neighbors to question my sanity. Just for kicks.


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