Friday, February 03, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Knitting Olympics
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I used to be pretty adept at uploading to a server and manipulating HTML code. But I have no idea how to get this graphic into the right-hand margin of my page. It's stored on Flickr and I can't seem to get a filename to reference as an image in my page.

The point being... I'm in on the Olympics. The plan is to make a vest for Zack with some sort of pirate theme. I'm struggling a bit with the obvious skull and crossbones. I don't want him to look like Sid from Toy Story.

Just pinched off the sleeve holes on a cardigan for me! Yay! Of course, the Sweater From Hell is still not seamed. Tomorrow. Maybe.


Blogger aimee noel said...

When you're looking at the picture in flickr, there should be a bunch of buttons along the top of the picture. If you click the "All sizes" button, it'll give you options for sizes, but if you scroll past the picture, there will be a spot with the URL for the picture that you can copy.

Good luck with the Olympics!

12:20 PM  

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