Friday, January 27, 2006

Hip To Be Square

Barbara Walker rules!
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My three-year-old son insists he wants me to make him a pink viper scarf. (NOT pictured here. Read on and you'll see why). I started from the tail one night while he was in the bath. By the time he was ready to get out I had completed about about eight inches of a tail which started an i-cord point and had steadily increased to a tube about an inch in diameter. Later that evening my husband found the thing lying around in the bathroom on my needles. "Knitted condom?" he said. We both agreed the concept was fatally flawed.

Now to today's picture. I just love the Barbara Walker "Treasury of Knitting" books, particularly the "Fourth Treasury..." with its groovy lace squares knit on the bias.

This one was suppoed to be part of a table runner. Instead it is the victim of a classic new knitter mistake. I made three... got 3/4 of the way through the fourth one, and ran out of yarn. I searched high and low, but it's a discontinued Adriane Vittadini for which -- even if I could find a spare skein -- I'd never match the dyelot. So, I'm looking for something comparable with which to make three more. Maybe next Christmas, Ma.


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