Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Poem for Gracie and the Groundhog

I just found out about this great suggestion by Gracie's Poppies to post a favorite poem anytime on Feb 2. Well, I've got 35 minutes left, so I'm posting the first one that came to mind. I saw it while riding on a city bus about six months ago. Here in Portland the buses have poems on the walls above the seats in the place where most city transit authorities would sell advertising. It's reason #847 to love Portland.

Anyway, this poem reminded me of my mother-in-law and I remember racing home to find it online and send it to her. She's coming to visit in a few weeks, and we can't wait. So, Cindy, this is for you. And as for the Groundhog... I don't know what that Pennsylvania critter saw. I can assure you that groundhogs here in Portland saw no shadows. You see, sunlight is a key ingredient in shadow-making, and it's in short supply around here these days.

OK - here's my favorite poem of late:

I Confess
by Alison Luterman

I stalked her in the grocery store:
her crown of snowy braids held in place by a great silver clip,
her erect bearing, radiating tenderness,
the way she placed yogurt and avacados in her basket,
beaming peace like the North Star.
I wanted to ask, "What aisle did you find your serenity in,
do you know how to be married for 50 years, or how to live alone,
excuse me for interrupting, but you seem to possess
some knowledge that makes the earth burn and turn on its axis"
but we don't request such things from strangers nowadays.
So I said, "I love your hair."


Blogger Courtney said...

I love your poem!

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! I nearly fell off my chair in surprise after reading that poem. Alison Luterman, the poet, is my cousin! Naturally, I think she's one of the most talented and nicest people around, but I never expected to stumble across one of her poems on a knitting blog. I can't wait to tell her and the rest of my family that she's getting "air time" with the knitters. She'll think that's great. I was checking out the Portland blog because my sister (maiden name Luterman, like Alison and myself) resides in Portland and is flying to the midwest to visit me later today. What a small world.
Jessica (on the Midwest Knitting Olympics team)

5:25 AM  

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