Monday, January 29, 2007


Dream Weaver
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Or, when there are many, is it epiphani (epiphanae?)

The Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma was a positively religious experience. It was my first time there, and I looked every bit the Madrona virgin. I came, I saw, I gawked. I met SO many interesting people. I knit till my hands hurt. I slept as little as possible.

Here's my swatch from Helen Hamann's. class. Helen's weaving and surface embellishment techniques are making me completely rethink how I work with color. It's kind of a marriage between knitting and weaving and needlepoint, and the results are wild and amazingly fun to create. If you haven't seen it, check out her Andean Inspired Knits.

I'm making a Darth Vader sweater for Zack for birthday no. 5. I had anticipated a galactic battle with intarsia, but now after Helen's class I am totally rethinking my design. Stay tuned!

I loved finally meeting The Harlot. I was a star-struck idiot. She was gracious and poised as usual. How must it feel to sit at a table for book signings with a bunch of big-name knitting designer-authors, and know that most of the people in line are there to see you? A little squirmy, I imagine. And yet, that very humility is what draws us to Stephanie in the first place. Thank you, Stephanie, for being a voice for all of us, and a voice for doing good in the world.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cat in the Hat!

Cat and Mike
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Here is my sister-in-law, Cat, with her boyfriend, Mike. He is wearing the hat she made him for Christmas. She's wearing the one I made for her.

Cat has a very special place in my heart. When she was 11 she played the harp at our wedding. When she was 23 she taught me to knit. She did a lot of spectacular stuff in between 11 and 23, but those are two events that stand out in my personal experience with her.

This winter Mike taught her to snowboard and now nobody can miss her in her hat of many colors! Glad you like the hat, Cat. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hip to Be Square
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This little slip stitch pattern came from one of the Barbara Walker books. I'm always amazed at how simple and yet dazzling slip stitch knitting can be. This is made with Cascade's "Cloud 9" angora/merino blend, so it's super soft! I'm almost finished writing up the hat pattern, and will have it for sale around town soon.

I also have grand plans to set up a mechanism for selling patterns online. Nothing fancy -- maybe just a link from this blog to start. Stay tuned!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolution No. 1

Fair Isle Stocking Cap
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Happy New Year! I'm back. I plan to stay back. I spent the fall knitting fingers to the bone, but not posting because almost everything was for somebody else for Christmas. Watch for Auntie Cat shredding the Colorado slopes in this!

More to come! I have big plans for this blog...