Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Instant gratification

Simple gifts
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This month I've learned there's big fun to be had in knitting small things, especially when you make them for other people.

I can only take partial credit for this basketful. It's my work combined with the collected work of knitting friends. Our elementary school kids will "buy" these wee little ornaments at the school's annual holiday sale. Each kid brings in $5 to buy holiday presents for their family members. Everything in the store costs $1. We've got about 50 in the chute... need to make another 50 by mid-Dec.

The patterns come from all different places. The sweater pattern is from a collection of KnitPicks Christmas Ornaments. The Globes are from Handknit Holidays. The trees are my own pattern, one I'm using to teach friends to knit.

Oh and the gloves? They're my nod to the need to make something just a little bigger and more interesting to knit. Grove by Jared Flood. Beautiful pattern, but they came out a little too small for my man-hands. So, some lucky somebody in MY family will likely find these under the tree in a month or so.


Blogger Jim LIttle, MD said...

Dang! Those mittens won't fit my hands either!

10:34 AM  

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